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Riding down from the sky on a winged steed, the death dealing Valkyrie is a warrior maiden in the service of Odin himself, the god of war! Though their numbers are few next to the hordes of beasts and demons that have overrun the land now tainted by the void energies of the Dark Stone, the Valkyries have come to help defend the lands of mortal men from the encroaching Darkness.

This Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Hero Valkyrie is a full new Hero Class for the Norse theme. She is not part of the Viking Team Heroes, but rather a stand-alone Hero Class in her own right. A Mythic warrior in the service of Odin, the Valkyrie is one of the strongest fighters around. As the Valkyries, by definition, are female, the Valkyrie Hero Class does not have a ‘Male’ version on the back of the Hero Character Sheet. Instead, there are two different versions of the Valkyrie herself, each with different Starting Gear and stats. The Valkyrie Shield Maiden is a defender of light sent by Odin to protect the world of mankind against the spread of Darkness. Heavily armored with a helm, shield, and Spear, the Shield Maiden can challenge foes, shrugging off damage with her Valhallan Armor and turning aside blows to protect herself or others with her Mythic Shield, while skewering them with her warrior’s spear. The Valkyrie Avenger instead embodies the sum of Odin’s wrath! Equipped with a helm and spear, she has forgone any heavy armor for speed and agility. Cutting through enemies with each stroke of her Avenging Blade, a mythic sword that can actually slice Enemies in half, potentially killing them outright!

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