Rum & Bones: Sea Creatures Pack
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The legends surrounding Davy Jones and his Kraken span the millennia. Some say he found the creature slumbering in the depths and tamed it to his will. Others say he raised it himself from a mere squidling. Won in a chess match against Neptune; natural inheritance as guardian of the Locker; a gift from a pagan sea goddess whose heart he had stolen...Only Jones knows the truth, and the Kraken certainly isn"t talking.Sea Dragons are ordinarily quite rare, but this disturbance with the Locker has them especially agitated worldwide. Perhaps it"s because the Kraken is at large in their territory, or perhaps (like all dragons) they have an eye for treasure. Whatever the case, a captain with enough power and a bloody mind can summon a mighty Sea Dragon. But beware, for this is an act of some desperation, as the power to control the Dragons is not within the coins. They"ll lash out at anything and everything around them, crew, heroes, even the might Kraken (which has led to some truly epic battles carried out with only the most stalwart heroes daring ot intervene).These miniatures replace tokens from the base game. They do not change game play.Contents:9 Kraken Tentacle Miniatures1 Sea Dragon Miniature

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